Power man and Iron Fist #2 Review


The new power man is powerless and subdued by the circus. Lucky for him Iron Fist comes to his aid. That’s when they realize that the leader of the circus is looking for his wife who was captured by Crime Buster years ago. The police arrive and the circus disappears.

Danny meets with a super villain guard firm while Vic meets Noir in her civilian identity while at school. Pokerface then sets up an auction for the mask both teams are looking for.


The Good

Drama- Fist and his secretary are still dealing with the fall out of her discovery of Misty Knight’s picture in his bed from last issue and his lack of regard for her feelings. Danny Rand my man, next time don’t shag your secretary, keep it in your pants even if it jumps up, this will NOT end well.

Art- everything looks good.

Action- Nice fight scene opens the issue.

The Bad

Yawn-This issue was boring

The Ugly



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