Louis St. Croix (Character)

Created by: Scott Lobdell and Jan Duursema

1st appearance: Uncanny X-Men #305, (October, 1993)

Nationality: Unknown

Relatives: Lenore St. Croix (first wife, deceased), Unnamed second wife (deceased), Cartier St. Croix (son), unnamed daughter in law (deceased), Marius/Emplate (grandson), Claudette and Nicole/M-Twins and Monet St. Croix (granddaughters)


Grandfather to Monet St. Croix, Emplate and the M-Twins. Before he wed their grandmother he had an ill fated marriage to Lenore St. Croix who died in an accident where her mutant powers manifested. This and his second marriage to their grandmother lead to him joining Charles Xavier’s mutant underground. He’s only known to have one son Cartier St. Croix, years later he recounted the death of his first wife to Storm.


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