X-treme X-men #6 Review


Bishop analyzes the dead body which died from asphyxiation despite no evidence of being strangled. He contacts the team; Rogue says she has a lead on gambit in Chinatown, Storm and Thunderbird plan to track down the victim’s children while Sage warns they may be dealing with an illusionist.

At the beach Storm and Thunderbird save the children; Davis and Heather; from a shark attack Storm even restarts his heart with a jolt of electricity.

Elsewhere Rogue and Gambit now tortured manage to escape just as Sage gets attacked by Lady Mastermind (a second generation illusion casting mutant). She runs right into Sebastian Shaw who wants to know why she betrayed him.

Storm realizes something is wrong and prepares to leave the Cameron kids in Thunderbirds care when they get attacked.

The Good

Art- Slick and beautiful as always

 Characterization- I think I’ve fallen in love with Claremont all over again as I review this series. Rogue and Gambit the forbidden love of the x-men team for years  showing excellent teamwork and great insight into each others minds here that honestly is so well done only Chris could have thought about it!

Explanation- Sage the brains of the operation proves her worth here by realizing and breaking out of the illusion and since up to this point there was no explanation of why she was on the team, the appearance of the Black king was a great move.  Next issue we learn why she’s now on Storm team after working for a villain for years!

Storm What can be said except spot on well written powers and characterization. X-men scribes take note this is how Storm should be written not the token black of Craption!

 Bishop This series was where Lucas time as a cop gets properly fleshed out and it becomes a key component of his character. Good stuff!

The Bad

Verbose- There is way too much exposition in this issue. So much so you may have to take a break to finish reading the whole thing.

Flirt- The flirting between the Cameron’s and Storm/Thunderbird felt a bit forced.

The Ugly



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