Rocket Racer (Character)

Created by:  Len Wein and Ross Andru

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #172 (1977)

Real Name: Robert Farrell

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations:  The Outlaws, Modok’s 11, Wild Pack

Legal Status: U.S citizen with criminal record

Weight: 180 lbs.    Height: 5’ 10”

Eyes: Brown             Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: High intellect and self-taught engineer.

Powers: Body armor grants him enhanced physical abilities such as super strength and agility with mini rockets in the gauntlets. He uses a rocket powered skateboard as well for high-speed transportation.



Robert Farrell was a small time crook with a big brain. Over time he grew tired of the petty heists and used his intellect to create a rocket powered skateboard to help him in more high profiled burglaries. His strong ethics pulled him over to the side of the heroes briefly where he partnered with Spider-man to battle various villains. He also worked freelance for Silver Sable and was a founding member of “the Outlaws”.

After this he retired until his equipment was stolen. Upon regaining his tech he returned to a life of villainy because it was such a thrill. It was during this stint as a criminal that he was locked up in the supervillain prison though he eventually escaped.

During the initiative his prison sentence was revoked and he became a member of sheild. It is revealed that his past criminal action were to help his ailing and sick mother and a house which had been repossessed. It is unknown what became of him during dark Reign and Siege.


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