Black Panther (1998) #51 Review


Cole goes into the internal affairs office and just as quick walks out deciding not to go that route. He visits Sal the man who set him up as he replays the events which lead to his team’s injuries and his suspension. He decides not to kill him. Cole pays a visit to a gang house where he sets up a dirty cop to take a fall. Hunter comes in and offers him gifts with untraceable bullets and alludes to Cole being chosen by “Him” before leaving him to face off with thirty men toting guns. After taking half of them out he is presented with the option of slipping away, instead he walks out the front door, the gang too afraid to try and stop him.

He visits Tork who again warns him not to get involved with Hunter. A visit from Hunter again offering him everything he could hope for, all the dirty dealings of Sal and the promotion he has always wanted. All he has to do is embrace the mantle of Black Panther. The car he stole last issue has now been outfitted with Diplomatic license plates and everything he needs to take out Sal. He refuses, igniting the car with the documents and the costume inside.

The Good

Story- Cole continues to be intoxicated by the mantle of the Black Panther. Everyone around him has a black or white way of thinking and he has chosen a grey shade which no one around his has considered. The internal conflict between his mentors’ suggestions and his actions was also portrayed well. Gritty and real is the best way to describe this story and the art hits all the right notes.

Action in this issue as always was well choreographed and flowed seamlessly.

The Bad

Action– Not nearly enough action to keep reader’s satisfied after last issue.

The Ugly



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