Shadowland- Blood on the Streets #4 Review


Rafe visits Misty in the hospital after her beating; after Danny comes in he leaves. Misty convinces Danny to take care of the situation over in Shadowland-Powerman while she, sable and the gang handle things here. They set a trap for the hand impersonators who take the bait and a battle erupts. Turns out Rafe her former partner and some cps from his precinct have taken it upon themselves to “clean up the streets”. The hand attacks and Misty and co find themselves saving Rafe and his cops from being killed in the same way they had killed the criminals. Rafe confesses it all but thinks that since no one else knows Misty and co had already taped and broadcasted his confession to the cops outside so he decides to take her hostage. She takes him out and turns him over to Phil Urich, she is shaken to her core about her friends turn to vigilantism.

The Good

Awesome Cover art! A menacing daredevil in the background while Misty, Shroud, Sable and Paladin cop a pose! Really nice layout.

The moral and ethical question of how and why the cops were killing these men is a nice touch. All the men killed were murders, pedophiles, extortionists, drug pushers every one of them escaped the courts due to their influence. Was what they did right or wrong? They were helping society in the long run which is more than the typical superhero act does. They throw killer and mass murderers behind bars who break out and do it all again when does it stop being ok to have criminals and scum walk the street? What should heroes do?

Misty and her team fought well and we got a nice bit of action. The shocker of who was behind the entire thing was believable. Rafe would make a great villain/anti hero to counter Misty Knight with there shared history and there different views of justice. I loved the emotion between these two as they had a clash of ideals.

The Bad

No complaints

The Ugly

4.5/5 Great read!


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