Icon #3 Review


Our heroes battle the man who now calls himself Payback. Icon at one point gets taken down and Rocket gives chase into the sewers where they continue their battle. Icon meanwhile deals with the rest of the thugs and flies the mayor down to safety where the press have a field day with their new hero. Rocket defeats the creature who once returned to normal form explains how the mayor had used experimental gas to subdue the people during the “big bang” which left hundreds dead and fewer still changed into super powered beings like him. Icon tells him to turn himself in, in exchange he will give him a lawyer and ensure an investigation of the Big Bang and to bring those responsible to justice. He reluctantly agrees and they hand him over to the cops. Two weeks later the mayor gives Icon the key to the city and Icon informs Rocket that she is pregnant.

The Good

Rocket is now easily my favorite black super heroine 🙂 This girl is the star of the show and I love her! She has the right attitude for the crime fighting game and is more relatable on a personal level. Sure she’ll never get the accolades Icon does despite doing all the grunt work as it may BUT this girl can kick some ass! Honestly I can’t stop Gushing.

The art is growing on me with each new issue I read it is definatly a style that I’ll always think of when I recall Icon and Rocket. The conspiracy theory is brought to light here and indeed it will be the basis of the dakaotaverse’s super beings, which I like. Warring gangs/riots and teargas go hand in hand, hell I’ve been gassed once simply by walking by a riot at the wrong time. So I understand Payback and how he got caught in up in all this. I also get that some people are above the law with the mayor’s involvement in the whole mess. Those last pages were a shocker….teenage pregnancy in comics? I’ve never seen that Shit before!

The Bad

Icon while in theory is a “black superman” gets taken down pretty easily during the fight.

The Ugly



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