Ultimate Avengers #1 Review


Hawkeye meets with now demoted Nick Fury about joining his team since Captain America has gone awol.

A few days ago Hawkeye and Cap are on a mission to grab two AIM helicopters. They manage to grab one but when cap goes for the second he comes face to face with the red skull who kicks his ass whispers something in his ear and tosses him. Carol Danvers head of shield cant get Iron man to co operate since he’s drunk. Hawkeye manages to catch Cap mid fall and save them. When he asks cap what happened, cap reveals that the red skull said he was his son.


The Good

Art and colors- This book has some damn sexy visuals. Every page oozes quality from the line work to the very dynamic and slick colors. I think I’ve died and gone to pretty comic heaven with this one!


The action- I’m a huge fan of the ultimate versions of Captain America and Hawkeye for a number of reasons for 1 the modern take on the character is just fresh! Hawkeye is basically bullseye and Cap would blow your head off if you looked at him cross-eyed. These two are the literal ultimate badass street levelers of the universe and they have great character chemistry. The action sequences flowed from panel to panel and added some much needed depth. The mid air catch was great art speaking for itself. I could even hear the music playing in my mind as things unfolded.


The Bad

There was not much to the story, we get lots of great art but the story really did not hold up its end of the bargain. Hardly any exposition and the plot was less than two sentences at best.


The Ugly




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