Angel: After the Fall #1 Review


Los Angeles has been converted to hell by the senior partners of Wolfram and Hart as a result of Angel killing all the members of the circle of the black thorn which were their representatives on the earthly plane. Angel continues to fight for the oppressed in this new Hell along with a dragon he has befriended. After saving some young women and sending them to a safe house he’s attacked in the now derelict Wolffram and Hart building. The demons are the new “owners” of this section of L.A . Angel apparently has killed some of their men/demons and they demand vengeance. Wesley now in ghost form saves him from a certain death and the demons depart.

At the safe house the women meet Gwen Raiden and Nina ash the werewolf who are now working with Angel’s son Connor to safeguard innocents.

Back at Wolfram and Hart Angel gets healed while Wesley laments his contract with the firm prevents him from ever passing on.

In Westwood L.A KR’PH the ruler demands his human slaves fight like gladiators for his amusement. They are attacked by unseen foes who cut them down like cattle. Charles Gunn and his crew retrieve an artifact from the downed demon and make advances to the female prisoners.

Back at Wolfram and Hart Wesley visits the white room while Angel kills the demon in charge of that district son igniting a turf war.

Elsewhere Gunn has killed all the female slaves to satisfy his vampiric urges.


The Good

We finally get to see Joss Whedon’s vision for what could have been Angel season six.

Character Likenesses are adequate enough that you can tell who’s who.

Continuity is great- Wesley tied to the law firm just like Liliah through his contract. L.A sent to hell just as predicted at the end of Season 5. It was also nice seeing Angel support cast like Connor, Gwen and Nina back in the mix since two of them missed the season finale of 5.

Interesting twist with Gunn being a vampire, I’m curious to see where this leads.


The Bad

Tale is a bit boring though…so was angel season 5 for the most part.

Art lacked detail and polish.


The Ugly



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