Nocturne (Character)


Publisher: Marvel Comics

First Appearance: The Spectacular Spider-Man #190, 1992

Real Name: Angela Cairn

Nationality: American

Weight: 175 lbs.                                     Height: 5’8”

Eyes: white (no visible pupils)           Hair: blond

Relatives: unknown

Powers: As a mutate she had enhanced strength and resilience, sharp claws on each finger and could absorb and control the emotions of others. In addition to this she could use her hair in the same fashion as Medusa, like additional hands able to hold, catch and move objects. Her hair also had greater density and  strength than normal human hair. She possessed leather wings which enabled her to glide and fly.


Angela Cairn was your typical New York cop until her partner and friend Jackie Kessler was killed by the creature known as Vermin. Following his death she became bitter and reckless. After following a series of leads she was ambushed, mutilated and mutated by one of Baron Zemo’s mutates. Though she apparently died in the process and was buried. A few Nights later she rose from the grave as the creature known as Nocturne.

In this new guise she hunted down those who had done her wrong.  In this capacity she came into conflict with Spider-man who mistook her for the very killer she was hunting, though he did realize the error eventually. Together the two defeated the killer but Spider-man prevented Nocturne from killing it.

After this she rescued a feral and mindless Puma. Using her powers she healed him body and mind. For awhile she traveled with Puma and then the two split.

During the Initiative program she was suggested as a potential recruit but It never materialized. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


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