Generation-X #3 Review

The searing saga of Penance concludes! The eerie return of the Orphan Maker! Plus, the introduction of Mondo! A Thanksgiving thriller by Scott Lobell and Chris Bachalo!



Banshee manages to get away from Penance and use his powers; Husk does the same by changing into rock form. She is severely injured by the girl who scampers off and she goes into shock.

Elsewhere Cordelia Frost tries to convince Mondo to come to America and be a superhero.

Skin contacts Jubilee and Synch about the penance situation with Husk. They startle Penance who attacks them, luckily Synch uses her powers against her resulting in a stalemate. She scampers off while Banshee gives Husk to Synch so he can return her to the infirmary.

Orphan Maker returns to Nanny now that his armor has begun to malfunction because he is growing up.

Penance is knocked unconscious after running straight into Monet. Emma foolishly awakens the girl when she attempts to read her mind. Banshee uses his power to separate them from penance. Jubilee witnesses from the bushes as Chamber calms Penance and the chase ends.  In the infirmary Husk and Skin play Scrabble while ribbing each other.

The Good

Great characterization and art.

The Bad

Why resurrect Orphan maker and Nanny after all these years? They were never terribly useful or interesting to begin with.

The Ugly



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