Generation-X #2 Review

Generation-X #2

Who is the mysterious girl with the razor-sharp, diamond hard skin known as penance, and what does she want from the students at Xavier’s School for Gifted youngsters? Find out all this and more, as the Generation X kids play in the rain!



Jubilee accompanied by Synch tries to get some answers about penance from Gateway. They are unsuccessful, in the infirmary Emma places bandages on Banshee’s hands after he lifted Penance from the school grounds and into the hospital wing. Every part of her body is razor sharp, Emma can’t read her mind either. Monet uses the school computers to illustrate a theory where Emplate has been feeding on Penance for years based on his similar appearance to her. At that moment Penance wakes up, downstairs Skin and Husk are playing scrabble and trading barbs while Chamber walks outside in the rain. The team is alerted to the escape of Penance and sees the room in shambles.

At a loft in France Orphan maker attempts to kill president Cartier but cant when his armor malfunctions.

On the grounds Penance is free and vows to always remain that way. The team scrambles to search for her. Chamber wanders off alone feeling a kindred spirit with the girl. Emma and Monet try to remain civil both bitchy personalities get on each others nerves. Husk and Banshee are taken of guard by Penance who takes them both down.

The Good

The anime inspired art by Bachalo at this time was just lovely. The divers cast of characters and the very distinct personalities make this a book second to none on the market even today. Everyone is written well with great character dynamics coming out already. The mystery of the new girl Penance as well as Gateway’s presence; the mystery of Monet, her vast knowledge and seemingly endless powers all make for a very engaging read.

The Bad

Looking back what was eventually done with Penance, Monet and Emplate could have been far more tidy. Later writers created a muddle of confusion which even today no one wants to remember of even refer to.

Why is Orphan maker pulled from the 80’s into this?

The Ugly



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