Astonishing X-men Xenogenisis #3 Review


Dr. Crocodile tells the team his history and Emma takes over his team. They decide to work together and they head into the forest. Once there they meet a young Jim Jaspers different than the one they know. He gets shot, then a Ghost Box appears and “Fury” looking soldiers spew forth.

The Good

Action at last! Finally things pick up as the x-men we near the end of this story.

The history of the man in charge was a nice twist since it tied him into established marvel continuity such as MI6 and old Chris Claremont Excalibur issue involving the fury and Mad Jim Jaspers.

We also learn about the strange births which occur from dimensional breaches which have occurred in the marvel universe every other week.

The Bad

In issue #1 Storm was supposed to be in charge of this excursion yet it hasn’t happened yet. Why mention it if your not going to deliver! For shame Ellis!

The Ugly

Astonishing X-men since Joss Whedon left has been so average it hurts and this issue was the same 2.5/5


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