Youngblood Strikefile #1 Review


Chapel reminisces about the time he spent as a government assassin along with Al Simmons and Duke. They are given a mission which appears to be a trap they fight there way through and meet with Giger who has history with Chapel. Simmons kills Duke under orders from their boss Wynn.

In the present he meets with Wynn who wants to blackmail him into doing another “job” or he would leak his shady past to the media and thus sully his standing as a superhero in the team Youngblood. Chapel refuses so Wynn decides to get even and has his secretary contact Giger.

The other story revolves around this worlds version of captain America=Super patriot and Wonder woman=Glory who fought the Natzi’s in WWII.

The Good

Art and colors contrasted well leading to a macabre spectacle. Great mindless action..if you like that kinda stuff.

A bit of background on Al Simons who would become Spawn. He is a cold hearted killer who ironically gets killed by his partner Chapel the same way he killed Duke. lol

The Bad

This was like watching Jerry Springer re-runs..mindless fun just for the hell of it.

The Ugly



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