Astonishing X-men Xenogenisis #2 Review


The team takes done the army and check in on the babies. Emma allows all the doctors to understand the various languages. Scott thinks the babies are mutants until Beast confirms they are not, instead they may be products of a nearby Ghost box.

The man incharge of the country Dr. Crock swoops in on the x-men unaware and decides to kick them out of the country and kill the babies.

The Good

Art and colors for the most part were good. Beast gets great characterization as the rest of the team…besides Emma.

The Bad

WTF? Why is Emma Kissing everybody so they can understand the various languages in the Hospital? She usually accomplishes the same task with contact….this felt forced and wholly out of character. If this was done for shock factor then it accomplished just that, it did nothing to enhance the story.

Emma has a ugly bammy shaped face in a few pages which were just Fugly!

Issue was really kinda boring.

The Ugly



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