Cloak and Dagger…T.v bound?!

Claok and Dagger...Soap Opera?!

Word around the web is buzzing about a plethora of Marvel comics properties which may be heading to a T.v station near you! Of all the buzz the “Cloak and Dagger” bit is one of those projects that Black Superhero fans should definitely be excited about. Cloak– the male half of the duo is a powerful Black man  who’s easily one of Marvel’s more premier teleporters. He was the go too guy for Captain America during the Civil War event and Norman Osborn’s Dark X-men before defecting to the X-men.

This relationship screams, Night time Drama!

If the series gets picked up it will no doubt revolve around the light and dark and maybe even the dependency of the two heroes on each other. They are after all a “couple” but Love may not be the driving force of said relationship since Cloak has a Hunger within him which only Dagger can satiate. Healthy relationship? HARDLY! It can also deal with the drug aspect of their early heroics, battling drug dealers and even their life together on the streets. Black Superhero fans should definitely hope this one hits the waves or we at least get a pilot 🙂

Crime drama?

According to comicvine “Jeph Leob and meeting with writers, right now, who’re going to make some very compelling cases as to how these spooky kids can stand on their own.”

Things sound good thus far with the Hollywood reporter saying “the focus appears to be on Hulk and Cloak and Dagger”

More as it hits!


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