Brightest Day #10 Review

Brightest Day #10 - A Change is Gonna Come



Firestorm is an observation booth while Professor Stein runs a set of tests on them. (note this firestorm is black superhero Firestorm the 2nd: Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond…a combination of the two very different personalities) They are unable to use their powers properly and end up having a disagreement which causes them to almost go supernova. The professor explains that they are the most dangerous being in creation and that they must remain one mind on everything or they could cause another Big Bang and destroy all existence.

Elsewhere Jackson Hyde and his father arrive at a cabin where he reveals he is not his real father and gives him a chest to open since it is him who will save the world from a conflict between land and sea. Black Manta attacks and his dad tries to save him by driving off a cliff so his son can come in contact with water. Jackson uses his powers to knock black manta back and literally part the seas. Black Manta reveals he is his biological father and Aquaman arrives to save them.

Back in the lab Black Lantern Firestorm checks the emotional spectrum running through Ronnie, Jason and the professor after pulling them into a strange realm.


The Good

Great cover!

Great Interior art- every character looked stunning, none looked alike and all the various expression was portrayed well.

The story was intriguing the Firestorm bits certainly made me want to go back and read the origins of Jason. The new Aqualad and his origins not to mention his unspecified powers and the very display of power he had in this issue makes him a certified “blimp” on the world of black superheroes radar. 🙂

The retcon used to set the new Aqulad into current D.C continuity was simple enough to not be jarring to the established mythology of Aquaman.


The Bad

If you don’t like retcons, stay away because here the new Aqualad gets set into continuity by way of one.


The Ugly

2.5/5 for an average read


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