Daddy’s Little Girl (Character)

Daddy’s little Girl by Robert Jeffrey II, Robert Jeffrey II,  Brian Bagley and Ernest McLendon.


Publisher: Terminus Media

Created by: Robert Jeffrey II, Robert Jeffrey II,  Brian Bagley and Ernest McLendon.

Real Name: Patrice

1st appearance: Daddy’s little girl #1, 2010

Height: 5’5″     Weight: 110 lbs

Eyes: Brown      Hair: Black

Known Relatives:  Satan (Father)

Powers: Patrice is a Pyrokinetic. She is able to ignite oxygen in the air and direct it as pyrotechnic blasts. She can also start fires anywhere in her line-of-sight up to 20 feet. She can also erect shields completely of fire.


“An Atlanta native, Patrice has lived her life within a relatively quiet and nurturing environment. A stellar student, and loving daughter Patrice has always been that girl that you’d want to bring home to mom.  This seemingly calm existence is turned upside down with the nighttime visit of a father she thought long to be deceased.

In what might be deemed as “the catching up occasion from hell” Patrice finds herself questioning her very sanity. She is informed by this stranger in unflinchingly stark terms, that he is Satan, and she is his child. What continues, is a terrifying set of circumstances, which tests the faith and resolve of this young woman, as she struggles to come to grips with this revelation, and how she will survive the night”.

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