Daughters of the Dragon #3 Review

Daughters of the Dragon #3 – Capes, Lies & Microchips


Misty and colleen enter a villain bar and face some f-list villains as they search for whirlwind and humbug. They find out about the theft and the Ricadonna connection. Back at Nightwing the secretary gets pummeled by Orca until he reveals he can’t be hurt due to an aim accident. They talk about why orca was there originally.

Misty and Coleen visit Ricadonna about the theft.  Whirlwind gets taken down by Trapster who working for Ricadonna. When they return to Nightwing they find Orca and otis asleep together. They find out from orca what he wants and he tips them off that Ricadonna is bad news.

In the night Humbug finds misty and gives her the stolen goods she reveal a secret compartment in it and links the chip to her circuitry and realizes just what Ricadonna is up to. Humbug wants protection since he does not want to die. They are then attacked by a masked woman.

The Good

Great script, art and characterization and things ramp up here. Humor was also better than last issue.

Everything has a very kill bill feel with all these crazy skilled women and the outrageous situations they find themselves in.

That last page was pure gold.

The Bad

I enjoyed everything but it did not wow me and they was no emotional connection.

The Ugly



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