Daughters of the Dragon #2 Review

Daughters of the Dragon #2 – And Then There Were Two


Coleen Wing has discovered the dead body of freezer burn and his girlfriend. Razor fist  has the baby hostage. Coleen rescues the baby with shuriken, catches it and Misty comes in she tosses the baby to Misty and takes on Razor fist 1 on 1. She chops off his hand and cauterizes the wound. She and Misty call the police as the neighbors come to see what’s happened.

In the office of Ricadonna men try to assassinate her. She easily dispatches all except one and demands to know who sent them.

Back at Nightwing restorations Misty and Coleen welcome their new ‘secretary’ Otis. They warn him the job is dangerous but he thinks he’s up to it. They leave him to do the filing and answer the phone. Atuma villain from Atlantis then comes in demanding to know where our dynamic duo are.

Our f-list villains from last issue try to sell what they stole but their buyer wants nothing to do with it. He warns them to return it or die.

One of them goes to visit a sic grandmother when Misty and Coleen grab him to take him in. He refuses to tell them about the heist but when they reveal freezer burn is dead he panics. Their car then gets hit by a missile. The girls are alive but injured but the villain is dead they disembark before its blown sky high. Both lament that things have gotten decidedly worse.

The Good

I really enjoy the art style of  Evans hits all the right notes and seamlessly flows from one action scene to another.

Misty and Coleen are a great team who counterbalance each other well.

The new secretary is amusing and added some humor to things. Ricadonna and the mystery surrounding her continue to mount and her ‘package’.

Lots of action and story woven together tightly.

The Bad

I felt the story was short and wanted more 🙁

The Ugly



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