Tangent Superman (Character)


Real Name: Harvey Dent

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Mark Millar and Jackson Butch Guice

1st appearance: Tangent comic’s Superman #1, 1998

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: JLA

Legal Status: Diplomatic immunity as supreme ruler and dictator of earth.

  • Height: 6’3″ (1.8288m)               Weight: 235 lbs. (106.594kg)
  • Eye Color: Brown                         Hair Color: Black

Relatives: Unnamed Mother (Deceased), Unnamed Father (Deceased), Lola (Wife)

Skills and abilities: Skilled in armed and unarmed combat thanks to police training.

Powers: A highly evolved homo-sapian body and mind grants him vast psionic powers; Telepathy, telekinesis, empathy, precognitive abilities, Superhuman strength, speed, flight, and invulnerability on the same level as the Sentry/Superman/Icon. In addition to this he has the ability to adapt his powers to any given task.


Harvey Dent is an African American policeman who was subjected to experimentation by the government which had the side effect of granting him a variety of superhuman psionic based powers. With his new powers he became a superhero to save the innocent. The organization which had experimented on “Nightwing” was eventually destroyed after he joined the JLA consisting himself, Batman, Green Lantern, Joker etc. Over time he evolved into a “higher being” but grew distant from his wife which caused her to cheat on him. Still loved her he gave her a pill which gave her the same powers as him.

Around this time the Ultra Humanite attacked and sapped the world of power. A great and terrible war raged across the globe. Superman led the heroes of the world on a crusade with an extraordinarily high cost in loss of life and destruction of the planet.  Thanks to him humanity prevailed and he imprisoned the Humanite. Using his powers he made scorched earth fertile once more, obliterated cities rebuilt, diseases that once ran rampant due to lack of shelter and clean water were brought under control. With the governments dismantled during the war and revered as earths savior he was made supreme ruler of their world. He thought this best to safeguard humanity in a misguided attempt to save them. His wife opposed him so he fabricated her death and locked her away.  He married the “Power girl” of his time who saw things the way he did.

When he later learns of the mainstream D.C universe and the corrupt governments which control it he decided to conquer them as well so he could save them. This caused him to clash with Kal El/Superman and the Justice League. In their world he destroyed the white house and captured the heads of government from the U.N while amassing an army to face the Justice league of his world and theirs. Among those working for him was Black Manta, dreaded foe of Aquaman. As he over expended  his powers and grew weaker he unleashed the humanite but this came too little too late. In the end it took the entire justice league and his returned super powered wife to over throw his reign.

Him and his followers were cast into the prison he made for the Humanite to remain forever imprisoned.


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