GlyphX (Character)

Real Name: Rhazel Akoben

Publisher: NKOSI Publishing

Created by: Ced Pharaoh | NKOSI Publishing /

1st appearance: | The Coming Of Mage

Nationality: Nubian Immortal

Team Affiliations: The Blessed Circle

Legal Status: U.S Citizen

Height: GlyphX – 6’7 / Rhazel 6’2           Weight: GlyphX-800lbs / Rhazel 200lbs

Eye color: GlyphX – Gold / Rhazel – Brown

Hair color: GlyphX – Bald / Rhazel-Medium Dark Brown locs

Relatives: Victor Akoben (Father), Nina Simone Akoben (Mother),

Skills and abilitiesRhazel was raised by his parents, Victor and Nina Simone Akoben, to be hardworking and responsible. His training under the Horizon Institute, has strengthened his dedication to helping those in need. He possesses effective communication skills and leadership proficiency. He has strong intuition in regard to understanding people. Rhazel is athletic and has some boxing skills. Since acquiring The Ascension Equation, he has inherent fighting abilities using swords and staff twirling.

Powers: The Ascension Equation ignites Nubian Immortal powers (Soulcery) of strength, invulnerability, endurance, stamina and psychic perception. It emblazons his Being with glyphs of GodSparks. Soulcery grants the ability to harness GodSparks.
RA|Force – Palm-size sun orbs that can emit quasar fire blasts or concentrated / diffused solar flares.
SHANGO|Fury – Fighting fierceness & powerful lightning strikes from his body and hands
OGUN|Rage – Amplified battle aura/prowess
iTEHUTI | SpaceTime Visionary Ascertainment – Mystic intuition through meditation/trial & error that leads to the creation of unique Soulcery energy equations/spells:
PSIsihlangu – Psionic protective energy sphere shield.
IklwAssegai Daggers – Concussive array of foot long energy blades released from his hands.
SankofAura – His Mind’s Eye can see short scene bursts of the past by viewing deep impressions of past aura energies.
Nafasi Kusonga (spacetime moving) – Teleportation in tandem with the SunDisc.
Inversion Halo – Automatic spell activating the SunDisc to absorb any surplus radiation (mystic, cosmic or otherwise) so as not to impact or damage the biosphere or environment.
MysTech: Ability to combine mysticism & technology for unique inventions.
Coming Into Being – The transformation of his skin into gold CelestialMetal which precedes Zenith SunsumKra.
Zenith SunsumKra – A limited fusion of his Powers in one blast of cosmic matter/energy of impenetrable density with explosive deliquescence. This weakens him greatly.

Weapons/Tools: Nyame Dua – Three foot long & 4in. Round rod intricately carved from The Tree Of Life’s core. Its celestial composition is primordial metal wood. It weighs a ton. Either knob end can branch and grow indestructible, highly sharp blades to form The DimeniBlade sword(s), staff or axe. GlyphX can Soulcery charge the blades to increase battle damage, unleash a tremendous razing of the ground, etc. DimeniBlades via Nyame Dua have great inherent healing properties. For example, a slice by the sword, and if it is not GlyphX’s will to kill, can cause lycanthropy in Lykos to go into remission or heal them completely. Or exorcise of a demon from a human with additional Soulcery charge.

Celestial Mandala – Cosmic medallion worn as a throat chakra. It contains a pocket dimension from which GlyphX accesses using his Soulcery; allowing him to conjure The Khasmic, The Nyame Dua, MysTech Drum and other objects from. It remains invisible until Rhazel elevates into GlyphX.

The Khasmic | Gauntlets & Dashiki Armor – Powerful set of war gauntlets and Dashiki Armor. The forearm gauntlets cover intricate glyph designs derived from The Ascension Equation, likely conduits of the powerful GodSparks and Soulcery that he can control. Woven by SpiderGoddesses, the Dashiki Armor is a self-repairing, highly indestructible fabric. There is an upgrade armor design that GlyphX can activate.

The SunDisc – Derived from The Ascension Equation, The SunDisc is emblazoned as a glyph on his upper back until he transforms. It is a Strapless, indestructible shield with properties of energy absorption, flight/escape velocity & propulsion. It sits firmly against his back when wearing The Khasmic in both forms. Note: The SunDisc does not move position / size when it is apart of the armor.

Rhazel is a community program coordinator and activist with a focus on business development and community enrichment. He founded Build Today, Lead Tomorrow to provide leadership/communication skill training and coding workshops to Chicago’s youth. During a trip to African, he meets WeYe who calls herself, Spirit Of The Trees. He mistakenly follows her to Nu’Kush Akubalaan, a mystic spiritual realm and while there, she explains that powerful ancestors and divine engineers called The Ascension, created a failsafe security spell to choose someone to receive The Ascension Equation. The Ascension Equation is the key to protecting Earth’s Realm.
Rhazel agreed and after following her instructions, his Soul & body is emblazoned with Soulcery (immortal power potential) to control GodSparks (celestial powers). The physical conduits are various glyphs on his body. He learns he is the descendant of The Blessed Circle, mystic warriors who strive to protect Earth’s Realm from supernatural dangers and The Guild (Chaos and Dark heArt Magick users).
Through astral communication, The Elders of Blessed Circle watch the Sacred Seal that shields Earth’s Realm against Demons. However, The Sacred Seal is weakening in Chicago and the surge of chaos is at the tipping point of invasion. He is not going to let that happen. Uniting the older and new generation of mystic warriors, Rhazel trains to unlock his True Potential. He is GlyphX the Urban Mage.


I'm a Caribbean born Lecturer, Multidisciplinary specialist/Androgogue/Philosophical Pedagogue; with backgrounds in Philosophy, Social Studies and Geography; founder/CEO of World of Black Heroes, freelance writer and all around comic book geek. I enjoy a good book, video games, movies and most of all fatherhood. Written credits include work for where my writing inspired the music compiliation "Kindah" available in multiple languages on Itunes, The Caribbean Journal of Education, The University of the west indies, Comicvine, Independent comics etc.

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