Freda Foxx (Character)

Super Bitch

Created by: Ira Harmon

1st appearance: SuperBitch 1977

Nationality: African American

Aliases: Super Bitch

Team Affiliations: none

Legal Status: no criminal record

Relatives: unknown

Skills and abilities: skilled fighter

Powers: Ability to increase size and weight of her breast; radioactive vagina

Weapons: none


When a spaceship carrying the first black astronauts malfunctions and gets lost in deep-freaky space, the head of Nasa calls for the help of Freda Foxx, aka Superbitch. Using the power of her radioactive vagina and a form-fitting space suit, Superbitch launches into action. She soon discovers the lost astronauts buried deep within an interstellar body (literally) and follows them inside, where she uses tit-fu (that is, her breasts grow to enormous size and smash all aggressors) to ward off the dangerous aliens that lie in wait.

*notes* Super Bitch appeared in the 70’s during the underground scene in comics; Ira Harmon both wrote and drew the comic

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