Killer Croc (Character)


Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Gerry Conway and Don Newton

1st appearance: Batman #357, March 1983

Nationality: American

Real Name: Waylon Jones

Aliases: Croc, King Croc

Team Affiliations: Secret Society of Supervillains

Relatives: Mother (Deceased), Father (Status Unknown), Aunt (Deceased)

Height: 6’9”   Weight: 390 lbs  

Eyes: Brown (Originally) Yellow (Transformed)       Hair: Black (Originally)  None (Transformed)

Skills and abilities: Trained

Powers: He possessed superhuman strength and resistance to injury.



Waylon Jones was born in Tampa, Florida in [Batman #359]. Unfortunately for Waylon he was born with a medical condition, a rare atavism that slowly cased his body to become more and more reptilian. At first his skin slowly became covered with scales.

His mother died in childbirth and his grief stricken father abandoned him. As a result he was left in the care of his aunt [Batman #471]. His aunt was an alcoholic. As his atavism slowly progressed so too did her verbal and physical abuse, his eyes became reptilian and teeth became sharp and pointed. His appearance also ostracized him from his peers and he was a friendless, lonely and unhappy child. As a teen he continued to be lonely but became aggressive. Sometime later he killed his aunt and broke out on his own. On his own he started wrestling alligators and took on the alias “Killer Croc”. On the side he also became a hired killer. In this capacity he notably killed the parents of Jason Todd who would go on to become the second Robin and later the Red Hood.

With crime being more lucrative Croc became a notorious Gotham criminal and ran afoul of Batman who defeated and sent him to Arkham Assylum. When Arkham was secured by Ras Al Ghul he was freed and taken into Ras’s employ. He captured Alred Pennyworth as part of the plan but was again defeated and sent back to Arkham [Batman #400].  Croc broke out and started committing robberies but found a new home with some underground sewer dwellers. Batman appeared once more and he was defeated and thought dead in an ensuing flood [Batman #471].  As always he survived but was plagued with visions from his past. On a rampage he faced Jean Paul Valley/Batman and Robin/Tim Drake. The fight was interrupted however and he found both arms broken by Bane’s superior strength [Batman #489].

After recovering he started killing the Paretti crime family but was stopped by Dick Grayson/Batman and Robin/Tim Drake before being severely wounded by the Mob’s gunfire. He evaded capture however [Batman #512].

Summoned by the Swamp Thing he was offered sanctuary in the swampland which would allow him to escape persecution and ridicule. Batman showed up but Croc was allowed to remain in the swamp and find peace [Batman #521-522].  Infected by a virus which accelerated his de-evolution he worked with the villain “Hush” [Batman #608-619]. He next tries to find a cure for his condition, when it is unsuccessful in anger he eats the scientist [Detective Comics #810]. Croc is recruited and becomes a member of Alexander Luthor’s Secret Society of Supervillains during the Infinite Crisis event [Infinite Crisis 1-7].

One Year later he defeats and consumes the villain Orca [Detective Comics #819]. Taken back to Arkham he breaks free during countdown and tries to kill Jimmy Olsen who escapes thank to his powers [Countdown #50]. When Martian Manhunter is captured Croc is present and wants to eat the hero but is forbidden from doing so [Salvation Run #1-7]

During Final Crisis he is recruited into Libra’s Society of Supervillains [DC Universe #0] and then become a justifier [Final Crisis #4]. After Libra’s defeat he joins Black Mask’s crew during Battle for the Cowl [Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1-3].

Accidentally released from his cell during brightest day, when fleeing he was attacked by Osiris who mistook him for his enemy Sobek [Titans v2 #28].


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