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A myth from the future. A quest to the far stars. A legend written across galaxies. Guided by the other-dimensional Kree warrior known as Marvel Boy, the Inhuman Royal Family departs on an odyssey across all creation on search for lost secrets — and the last hope — of their people. Penned by fan-favorite Al Ewing (The Ultimates, New Avengers, Loki: Agent of Asgard) and drawn by the white-hot Jonboy Meyers (Teen Titans, Spawn), ROYALS is a Marvel-style space epic that takes the Inhuman Royal Family and plunges them into the unknown! The knowledge they seek could change the course of Inhuman destiny, but it cannot be attained without cost…for at the end of days, the Last Inhuman tells the tale of how seven left Earth for the stars…but only six returned.


Five thousand years from now a mysterious last Inhuman tells the tale of the Seven who sought the secret and only six returned.

In the present Medusa once Queen of the Inhumans stares upon the last activated Inhuman, a monstrous Green creature. She is aided in taking the creature down by Gorgon who’s Injury makes him ill equip for the task. Luckily Iso the Newly minted Inhuman Queen arrives alongside Flint and Swain contain the nuhuman.

Back at  New Attilan  they are visited by Marvel Boy AKA Noh-Varr he tell them e has a secret that can save their race since he is a Kree experiment from a dimension in which the Kree ended all War. Medusa, Gorgon, Swain, Crystal and Flint agree to join Marvel Boy on this journey.

Unknown to the Inhumans Marvel Boy has plans of his own. That night Swain and Ash say their goodbyes. Flint and Iso  disagree over him leaving , Crystal says her goodbyes to Luna, Gorgon says goodbye to his comatose son, Medusa tries to have words with Black Bolt but is shut down. In the morning the ship departs for the stars and there Medusa finally admits to herself that she is dying.

What I thought

This issue deals with the repercussions of X-men Vs Inhumans where Medusa Abdicated her Throne to Iso, ended her relationship with the Human Torch, lost the Terrigen cloud and reunited with her estranged Husband.

This adventure also pulls together the underused Noh-Varr and his origins under Grant Morrison, his years as a Villain and Joining the Dark Avengers during Dark Reign etc. It’s all acknowledged and given weight here under writer Al Ewing. The accessibility of the issue can’t be discounted either as we get a quick history of the Inhumans right up to X-men vs Inhumans. This will aid those new to the mythos to quickly wrap their minds around the Inhumans before hitting google.

Jonboy Meyer’s art has continued to improve since he made his comic book debut. In fact I mistook his style for the legendary Joe Maduiera’s art. This is gorgeous!

I was actually quite shocked that Medusa’s revelation tugged at my heart strings. Before the Inhumans became Marvel’s it thing I just saw her as yet another Marvel RedHead in the same vein as Mary Jane Watson and Jean Grey. However Marvel made her the center piece of the entire Inhuman line of books for the past few years. Her Red Hair also made her instantly stand out in the announced Inhumans Movie and TV series. Watching her hair fall from her scalp and declaring that she was dying was a powerful moment. I would rank it up there with the dissolution of Black Panther and Storm’s marriage and Scott and Emma turning on each other during Avengers vs X-men. This was a moment steeped in the NUhuman legacy and a perfect fusion between art and story. Kudos to all involved.

The Nuhumans have also grown on me. Flint is my go too Nuhuman not only because his inclusion gives me reason to review this series but because he has grown allot in a short period of time. Watching him use his powers to subdue the monster was moving. From barley being able to move rocks to…..this. Combine that with his relationship with the new Queen and we have a character that has quite a bit of depth for this new generation of inhumans their fans.

90’2 feel I can’t help but get a sense of Déjà vu as this opening tale felt allot like way back in the late 90’s when the X-men were abducted by Deathbird and sent to save the shiar from the new Phalanx. Considering this was one of my favorite times as a fan back in high school this makes me giddy with excitement.

Overall I enjoyed this issue, it’s throwback vibe, resonant characters and great art. This is the start of a much needed space adventure! 5/5


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