Fox (Character)

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Shawn Kittelsen and Dexter Soy

First Appearance: Mortal Kombat X #2, 2015

Legal Status: Unknown

Citizenship: Citizen of Earth

Group Affiliation: Shirai Ryu

Eye Color: Black                   Hair Color: Black

Weight: 160 lbs                      Height: 5’9

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and Abilities: Unknown

Powers: After being possessed by the Kamidogu he had greatly enhanced physical abilities and immunity to pain. He could also shoot spiralling red energy from his hands.



Fox like all of the reformed Shirai Ryu under Scorpion after his rebirth is a sole survivor of his family. In the mountains of the Himalayan mountains alongside other orphans he was trained under Scorpion to become a skilled ninja. He was the first friend that Takeda, son of blind swordsman Kenshi made upon arriving at the compound. Originally he was more skilled than Takeda but by the time of the Kamidogu incident Takeda was visibly faster than he was. After winning their rematch he started hearing the voice of Havik channeled through the Kamidogu dagger. Massacring the entire clan he took Takeda hostage and tortured Scorpion in the hope of having his wraith personality come to the fore. It worked but he was killed in the process. His death still haunts Takeda to this day [Mortal Kombat X #1-3, 2015].




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