Ultimates (2015) #7 Review

Ultimates #7 cover
Ultimates #7 cover

ON THE ROAD TO CIVIL WAR II! The Ultimates deal with the fallout from their journey Outside – and the return of the Anti-man! Meanwhile, Project: Pegasus holds the key to humanity’s survival… or destruction…and THANOS is coming for it!


The Ultimates have returned from their voyage outside of Space-Time; albeit via rescue by Galactus, who gives them a glimpse of the flow of time. This glimpse does not sit well with Captain Marvel who as acting Ambassador Extraordinary has to try and focus on her role and deal with an issue of concern brought up by the Shi’ar ambassador regarding cosmic cube energy. ¬†Captain Marvel discusses her concern about what she was shown to Spectrum and ponders a way to solve some of the issues that we may face in the future. At the Triskelion, the Blue Marvel checks in on his friend Conner Sims, alias Anti-Man; and discusses his mental state. The Black Panther speaks with Blue Marvel and suggests the option of execution to him. He reminds Blue Marvel that he is Wakanda, and he must consider how much a threat Conner represents to them. Captain Marvel goes to the source of the cosmic cube energy and finds that it originates from Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. who had been experimenting with a fragment. Captain Marvel went to Adrienne Brashear to convince her to shut the project down. Menawhile on the Shi’ar vessel, Thanos, who was able to emerge from outside time and space has made his way in and has learned of the cosmic cube energy resonating from Earth.


There is no greater representative of the establishment in current Marvel U than Col. Carol Danvers. It seems to have started back in the first Civil War where due to her position in the military she was automatically pro-registration and never questioned her choice. She is now apart of a team dedicated to solving problems on a cosmic scale, and after what she was shown by Galactus, is now more focused on stopping these problems before any of the possible futures she was shown come into fruition. Her conversation with Monica is telling in what her mindset is as to becoming more proactive somehow. The exchange between T’Challa and Dr. Brashear may be a precursor to things to come. Dr Brashear and T’Challa have bumped heads in the past, but in this T’Challa reminds Dr. Brashear that no matter what his ideals were he is not on an equal plain in regards to what decisions would be made regarding Conner Simms. People tend to forget that T’Challa is the ruler of one of the world’s most technologically advanced countries in the world. They make the mistake in thinking they can debate or otherwise questions decisions that the King makes; much to their dismay. We see Thanos make his reentry into the universe and it is with a big bang. How does he play into the coming Civil War? 3.5/5 stars


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