Squadron Supreme (2016) #8 review

Squadron Supreme #8
Squadron Supreme #8

As Doctor Spectrum learns the reason she was rescued from her dying Earth by Black Bolt…even though her hunt for answers takes her to the Inhuman home base and the throne of Medusa herself. And in the aftermath of Nighthawk’s battle with Kyle Richmond, the Nighthawk, the mystery of who the alien Myriad truly is deepens…a mystery that leads to their treacherous ex-teammate Warrior Woman.


Doctor Spectrum is on a reconnaissance mission to the undersea base of the Myriad- An alien criminal cabal. There she discovers Thomas “Toro” Raymond and Black Bolt, two Inhumans looking to rescue captured alien pods as well as locate a device invented by the Myriad that can detect what power an incubating Inhuman will have prior to “hatching”. Meanwhile Nighthawk meets Kyle Richmond, the original Nighthawk of Prime Earth. Richmond is angry that his name and identity have been stolen. Talk turns to combat and soon the pair are fighting in the sky over the Oracle Inc. building.

What I thought

Doctor Spectrum finally gets her answer as to why Black Bolt saved her from her world’s destruction, and it is should have been as obvious to her as it was to everyone else. Black does as he sees fit, and acts with the same impunity as T’Challa would have. I dare say that T’Challa would have done the exact same thing had he the opportunity to save not just one person, but a person to which he shares something in common with that binds them together. I hope the connection between Doctor Spectrum and the Inhumans will further be explored in later issues. Black Bolt’s display of power never ceases to impress, as he levels the Myriad’s base with a single syllable. I have always been a big fan of Black Bolt because of not just his sheer power, but also because he has often reminded me of T’Challa in his characterization. Speaking of T’Challa, I am loving how Nighthawk is portrayed as being not only the highly trained, highly skilled, very lethal threat that he is, but also that he, like T’Challa, are ten moves ahead of any opponent. The fight between he and what was thought to be at first the Prime Earth Nighthawk was short but revealing. It was cool seeing how Nighthawk had already engaged his strategy even before Prime Earth Nighthawk made his move. The revealing of Prime Earth Nighthawk being a Skrull was surprising, but even Nighthawk alluded to it during the fight, because he did not recognize the martial arts style that the Prime Earth Nighthawk was using. Nighthawk also deduced that they had to have been betrayed by someone who knew of both them and him, as well as Oracle Inc., and knew who that person had to be. This arc is providing more than just bad guys to punch but has some interesting suspense building as well. 3.5/5 stars


Marcus Roberts

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