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William Satterwhite is a freelance designer, internet consultant and illustrator and the creator of Stealth; which has been published online in one form or another since 2001, His current project; Stealth: Life and Times of Allen White; brings him together with Glyph Award winner Robert Jeffery III for Stealth’s next adventure.


1.How did you get started in the comic industry?

satterwhite profileI had always drawn little comics here or there but after graduating high school I made to make a serious effort to put a submission package together for sending to comics companies- except instead of doing a small story involving characters from say, Marvel or DC, I created my own characters and decided to do a full blown comic. This was also right around the time when webcomics were in their infancy and just starting to become a thing, after seeing what some people were doing by putting comics online I decided to do the same- teaching myself programs like Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro and how to put together websites, the comic that was supposed to be a submission piece found life on the web as the initial Stealth comic way back in 2000-2001.


2.Who were your early influences?

I started reading comics regularly right when the Image guys were dominating the industry while still at Marvel- Todd McFarlane and Erik Larsen on Spider-Man, Jim Lee was just starting to do X-Men with Silvestri taking over on Wolverine and Rob Liefeld on New Mutants. A little while later Whilce Portacio started X-Factor and completely blew my little mind his work was so bold and vibrant and off the wall. While I’ve grown to appreciate more classic artists as I’ve gotten older, those were definitely the guys who meant the most to me early on.


3.What project are you currently working on?

stealth color4Right now, my first and main priority is getting the Stealth OGN finished and out, this will be a full-length epic “Year One”-style presentation of the heroes origin and first days as a crime fighter with a script by Glyph Comics Award winning writer Robert Jeffrey III and amazing art by Jamar Logan. As part of this, we are putting together a small preview book that should be out soon. I’m also working on a revamp of the Stealth webcomic, again with Robert Jeffrey and Jamar Logan.


4.What books did you collect or read growing up?

All of the X-books, both before and after the big two team revamp as well as McFarlane’s Spider-Man. I then, of course, followed the exodus to Image- I still picked the X-books through the end of the 90s and into the 2000s but my money went to Image before anything else with Spawn being the top drawer along with WildC.A.Ts and Cyberforce. When Top Cow hit there was a spell where I was a big Witchblade and Darkness fan.


5.If you could rewrite any character which one would it be and why?

The Question. With the way that writers and editors have allowed their own philosophies and their opinions on Ditko’s philosophy to completely warp the character, I would like to bring him back more in line with his Ditko/Randian beginnings.


6.Given the success of books like Watson and Holmes and Midnight Tiger, what other books do you see having mainstream appeal?

Urban Shogun, it’s a really interesting take on a popular yet somewhat underserved genre in martial arts/kung fu and creator James Mason’s art is amazing.stealth-blairsmith-shawnalleyne


7.If there were anything you would say to someone looking to get into the comic industry; especially a person of color; what would it be?

Just do it. Things have changed a bit with POD publishing becoming ever more prevalent through the years but far too often I’ve come into contact with writers who have lots of amazing ideas or artists with great portfolios but for whatever reason, they aren’t doing anything.


8.Is there anyone, in particular, you would like to work with on a book?

Jim Lee, Jack Kirby is the King due to his role in creating so many iconic characters but I think Lee will eventually go down as the greatest superhero comic artist ever


  1. Name three independent books that you would like to see as movies.

Robert Jeffrey’s Route 3, Midnight Tiger and Will Power.



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