Squadron Supreme #5 Review

 Squadronsupreme#5 1

 The Squadron Supreme are on Weirdworld, lost, broken and defeated — the team all prisoners of Arkon, Crystarr and Modred the Mystic who have all been corrupted by the evil force that now rules the land. Their only hope is Thundra and a de-powered Hyperion who fortunately have one other hero at their side… Skull the Slayer.


What I thought

This issue opens with Nighthawk and Blur breaking free and facing down Power Princess. Doctor Spectrum reforms and rallies Hyperion, Thundra and company. The villains make an exchange and our heroes seemingly win and return to Earth with Thundra.

Sexy cover shows the team leaping into action. This issue really brought it home for me. Nighthawk and Blur straight up and down killed it as they escaped thanks to their training together. It was a nice touch since a central part of his characterization is his mind tens steps ahead of everyone else. Nighthawk and Blur taking on Power Princess was illustrated very well. The resolution of the tale was also satisfying as the team quickly rallied and turned the tide. Finding out that Hyperion has a weakness to magic was so classic Superman it made me chuckle. It’s also palpable that Thundra and Hyperion are heading down the “super couple” rout. Blur as the novice of the team feeling excited by the danger was also interesting since most rookies would have shit themselves long ago being caught in this situation. Overall this books gets 4/5 stars for great cover, great characterization, more action than you can shake a stick at and villains with prospective.

stars- 4 very good


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