Jeff Walters (Character)

Jeff Walters- Blur 2

Created by: Mark Gruenwald

1st appearance: New Universe, D. P. 7 #1 November 1986

Nationality: American

Real Name: Jeff Walters

Aliases: Blur

Team Affiliations: D.P.7

Relatives: Thelma, mother; deceased, Dennis, brother; deceased, Michelle, sister; deceased, Blur (Alternate reality counterpart)

Height: 5’10”   Weight: 175 lbs  

Eyes:  Brown       Hair: Black

Skills and abilities: Trained in hand-to-hand combat and use of firearms by U.S. military

Powers: Walters is able to move at superhuman speeds and has run at least 300 mph; he is never able to stop moving and has to eat constantly to feed his faster than normal burning metabolism; he requires tranquilizers in order to sleep, although his teammate Lenore Fenzi was able to use her powers to neutralize Jeff’s in order for him to sleep

Weapons: none


Jim Walters was a onetime fast food manager who was one of the seven individuals that were brought together by the mysterious Clinic for Paranormal Research after the White Event. They find themselves caught up in a conspiracy and flee the clinic after finding out that the clinic director intended on making an army out of the seven. Named the Displaced Paranormals- 7 (D.P. 7 #1 Nov. 1986) Walters and the group were recaptured, and Walters decided to stay at the clinic after the defeat of the clinics director.  Walters was well like and jovial at the clinic, and refused to join the group of blacks who wanted to separate themselves when varies divisions started springing up among the patients at the clinic. (D. P. 7 #14-16; 1987-88) Walter’s family was killed in the Black Event, (D. P. 7 #18; April 1988) and Walters was drafted into the Paranormal Platoon. (The Draft #1, 1988) Once things had finally ended and the war was over, Walters and the others try to return to normal lives (The War #1-4; 1989-90).


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