Squadron Supreme (2015) #4 Review

Squadronsupreme#4 3Things Get Weird!

The Squadron descends into the newest, weirdest corner of the Marvel U!

But how many of them will make it out?

Plus: A beloved Marvel character returns amid much pomp and FANFARE!


What I thought

Thundra has taken the Squadron Supreme to Weirdworld where magic rules. A mind controlled Arkon attacks Hyperion finds himself powerless and Doctor Spectrum disappears. Power Princess betrays the team and takes out Nighthawk. Thundra escapes with Hyperion. Back at Mordred’s castle the team is taken to Dr. Druid who is reborn on Weirdworld and has taken control of everyone. He explains things to Nighthawk.

Elsewhere Thundra and Hyperion are rescued by Skull the Slayer.

The weakest part of this book is the visuals. They are adequate but nothing compared to the Alex Ross cover or even less high profiled books who just have superior art teams. I enjoyed the team being caught off guard, especially Nighthawk who like Batman is all about prep time and not getting any. Bringing Dr. Druid back as a villain was cute, considering he’s never been used in any meaningful way as a hero. The writer also pokes fun at him being “not Dr. Strange” and his mediocrity. Power Princess or shall we say Warrior Woman’s heel turn was unexpected but also points out the problem with Nighthawk’s team, He knows nothing about them expect what they told him. Overall though it’s still a really fun book comprised with Marvel’s take on the Justice League.

3/5 stars

stars- 3 good


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