Emery Arcenaux (Character)

Emery Arcenaux 3
Emery Arcenaux

Created by: John Layman and Georges Jeanty

1st Appearance: Gambit Vol. 4 #7 2005   Death: Gambit Vol. 4 #9 2005

Nationality: American

Relatives: Antoinelle Arcenaux (aunt)

Eyes: Brown        Hair: Black

Powers: Emery is a mutant with the ability to erect an impenetrable force field. Emery can fire concussive blast from his hands


Emery was a mutant living in the Bayou in Louisiana with his aunt Antoinelle. Tired of being poor and living under his aunt’s strict rules, Emery decided to use his mutant power to start a life of crime make it big. He started doing small robberies and gained confidence each time. In the process of hiding some recently stolen cash, Emery’s aunt walked in and saw him in his villain costume. She struck him and condemned his activities, but he refused to listen to her and grabbed a bag and moved out. Emery then attempted to rob a bank. Gambit and New Orleans police detective Noreen Tanaka showed up to halt the robbery. Gambit and Emery battled to a standstill, with Gambit able to dodge Emery’s attacks. Gambit was able to talk to Emery and get him to reconsider his path. Just as Emery let his force field down, Det. Tanaka shot him in the back and killed him, saying she thought he was about to attack. Antoinelle was very distraught when she saw Emery’s body in the morgue and swore revenge. Antoinelle then resurrects all the corpses in New Orleans as zombies, including Emery, as revenge for Emery’s death. (Gambit Vol. 4, #7) Gambit and Brother Voodoo fought off the zombie horde and protected the civilians. They were handling the zombies easily until Emery showed up. (Gambit Vol. 4, #8) Still possessing his mutant ability, neither Gambit nor Brother Voodoo was able to penetrate his force field. They fled, collapsing a building on Emery to aid in their escape, and decided that the only way to stop the zombies was to stop whoever was controlling them. Det. Tanaka suggested going to Antoinelle because of her reaction to Emery’s death, and provided them with her address. Arriving at Antoinelle’s shack, Gambit tried to reason with her. She orders Emery to attack, but before he could do any damage to Gambit, Gambit throws a charged card at Det. Tanaka, who had followed Brother Voodoo and Gambit, and had intended to shoot Antoinelle in the back just as she had done to Emery. Gambit is able to convince Antoinelle that they weren’t responsible for Emery’s death, and she releases her hold on the zombies. Brother Voodoo then guides the dead back to their coffins and Gambit leaves Antoinelle holding Emery’s body. (Gambit Vol. 4, #9)

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