All New Inhumans #1 and #2 Review

As the Terrigen Clouds move around the world they leave in their wake the wrecked lives of the Inhumanized. Crystal and her team are tasked to help as many of these NuHumans as possible, but it’s not going to be easy. Not only are views of these new super-powered people varied (from fear to anger to amazement) but even those who get the powers aren’t always glad to get them. Add to that the nineteen mysterious Skyspears that recently crashed into the Earth, and the Inhuman world just got a lot more complicated.

What I thought

All New Inhumans #1’s cover has a classic outsider or minority pose. Our heroes in color are surrounded by a monotone crowd on a plain red background. It’s been done but it also sticks out on the shelves. It also is highly evocative of classic X-men. The art in both issues Stefano Caselli is on art and it is simply stunning in multiple ways. The characters are well formed, human and grotesque, yet stylized.

Flint is here and apparently he’s going to be the token black member of this Inhuman squad. He seems to be added to most of these Inhuman gatherings to have a black member, but I’m hoping he will morph into more than just a reason to review this series on the website.

I truly enjoyed that Crystal the Inhuman princess is front and center in this one and man it is good to see her in action. I have always liked her power set and the potential that she has. The most I know about her however was while she was an avengers with Sersi and Dane Whiteman/Black Knight. They had a steamy affair that made me a huge fan of all the parties involved. Crystal is so sexy and yet so in control. After a terribly failed marriage with Quicksilver, an ill fated and tragic betrothal to Ronan, this woman has been around the block a few times. This book is also trying to push Marvel’s diversity agenda with only Two Aryan/Inhuman’s, one black member and what I’m assuming is a Latino. The scope of this book feels more 90’s X-men than the current X-men, which is a good thing. Flying across the globe saving the newly empowered etc it feels right in all the wrong ways. I find the new Inhuman member…the blue chick rather dull even as healers go but maybe she will grow on me. Overall these

stars- 4 very good


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2 thoughts on “All New Inhumans #1 and #2 Review

  • January 15, 2016 at 9:18 pm

    Grid is from India. Plus Frenzy is in the book. And i loved Swain.

  • January 17, 2016 at 10:34 pm

    I must admit that if you see Flint here as nothing more than the “Token Black”, well, what can I say? You may be missing the point, or something like that.

    I imagine that you haven’t read the previous “Inhumans” that prelude these two ANAD Inhumans series, so you aren’t likely to notice the development that Flint has gone through that’s very present in these 2 issues of All-New alone (or his backstory or personality/demeanor). You may have also missed that Flint’s voice is what “narrates” the first issue, a rather introspective one at that. Notice how Flint is the first we see and hear, whereas Crystal comes in later (we aren’t meant to know what’s going on inside her head right away, of course)?

    Anyway, it’s so much more than that, and beside, these are more ensemble stories. You’d be largely limiting yourself if you come for only a single character (yes, even if that character is Crystal; she may be the leader, but she isn’t the only important person in the story).

    And as mentioned, Grid is from India, Also, Panacea (blue girl) is new, as is Swain, and her healing powers also come with packaged with emotional detachment. They are newly introduced for ANAD, and so they haven’t had the same amount of time to shine as the others have had.

    Pardon my ramblings, please.


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