Mister Jyn (Character)

Mister Jyn

Created by: Tom Brevoort, Mike Kanterovich

1st appearance: Sleepwalker Holiday Special #1; 1993

Skills and abilities: none

Powers: Mister Jyn is a genie, which means he can alter reality, create matter, generate illusions, become invisible, turn into gas, fly, manipulate the weather, and a host of other things genies are capable of doing, including granting wishes; Mister Jyn has superhuman agility, strength, and endurance; Mister Jyn can remove part of himself (a finger for example) and transform it into a “mindmite”, which causes permanent psychic erosion in its victims; Mister Jyn wields a mysterious green energy which he can use to attack others or bind them and uses a scrying pool to search for potential threats.

Weapons: none

Mister Jyn is a magical creature. He is known as a trickster, a master of deception, and poses sometimes as a genie. He had used a magic credit card which enabled whoever found it to withdraw money from any ATM without having an account, but unbeknownst to the user, would summon Mister Jyn. The card was found by Harold Pruitt, whose wife had left him for another man; his employer had relegated him to menial jobs; and was facing eviction from his apartment. In exchange for the continued use of the card, Mister Jyn demanded that Pruitt perform a full summoning ritual, which made Pruitt the psychic anchor for Jyn on earth.
Jyn uses a scrying poll to search out any one who could be a possible threat to him and comes across, Quasar, Ghost Rider, and Doctor Strange, which none had detected his presence yet, and Rich Sheridan aka Sleepwalker, who he determined was the weaker of the four. Jyn decided he would face him, but first sent out one of his “mindmites” to deal with Sheridan.
While Sheridan dealt with the mindmite, Mister Jyn started helping Pruitt by first blackmailing his boss with photos that showed him in an unpleasant light, and then breaking up his wife and the other man. Meanwhile, Sleepwalker took care of the mite, and began searching for its owner.
Mister Jyn was attempting to kill the other man in order to get rid of him when he was found by Sleepwalker. Mister Jyn recognized immediately whom he was dealing with and was shocked to see a sleepwalker outside of the mindscape. The two battled, but when Mister Jyn bragged at the fact that his abilities were greater than Sleepwalker’s and realizing that he was outmatched, Sleepwalker decided to try something different.
Sleepwalker appealed to Harold as to whether or not he actually wanted all the destruction that Mister Jyn had wrought, and Harold decided that indeed this wasn’t his intention. Harold change of heart caused Mister Jyn to lose his psychic anchor, and reverted to his demonic form. Sleepwalker was able to severe Mister Jyn’s ties to the energy he was drawing from the earth itself, and Sleepwalker defeated Mister Jyn and removed him from the earth dimension. Harold apologized for the trouble he had caused and threw the card away. Sitting on the pavement was a homeless man who picked up the card. (Sleepwalker Holiday Special #1)

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