Savage Dragon #209 Review

Savagedragon#209 1

Malcolm Dragon gets married. His new life begins here. 

What I thought

Malcolm and Maxine marry to much fanfare and excitement. The cover depicts a pregnant Maxine and a nervous Malcolm. It plays on the cliché that men are usually nervous about marriage to great effect. The wedding was standard fare but with Malcolm and Maxine’s personalities shining through. Friendship and comradery was the order of the day and a welcome change of pace for the usually high-octane Savage Dragon series. Malcolm’s ½ brother Thunderhead also gets drawn into the festivities which was a nice touch since we don’t see enough of him.

Tierra Jones makes an appearance at the end and Erik Larsen then delivers on his typically bloody series, and predictably she is still pregnant. Since we have been warned since every pregnancy scare thus far and like a chest buster from the Alien series Malcolm’s first child/son kills his mother in birth. In true Larsen fashion Tierra’s body gets dragged by her offspring as he creeps through the streets. Her death and the moments before were rendered perfectly. Tierra was a very tragic character from start to finish. In love with Malcolm, their relationship derailed by a mistake and she never did get over him. She hoped to win him back but it was not to be. Full of drama and potential her death was a macabre spectacle in true Savage Dragon fashion.

What will become of this child? Who will take him in? Will he ultimately become a foe or friend to his father and unborn ½ brother? Savage Dragon can go in many directions with the seeds planted by Erik Larsen and we look forward to watching them unfold!


The Verdict

Overall this issue gets 4/5 stars

stars- 4 very good


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