Secret Wars (2015) #7 Review

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The Good

Art- Esad Ribic’s painted art style is as gorgeous as ever. No complaints anywhere.

Story– Maximus leads the rebellion to Doom’s castle. They are met with spirited resistance from Doom’s Baron’s Sinister and Goblin Queen. Sinister turns on his fellow Baron before Apocalypse and his troops arrive. In Doomsguard the Thors are divided when All New Thor reveals what has been done to the world. The Thors then attack the Barons defending Dooms castle. Doom, Susan Storm and Valeria watch in shock. Elsewhere The Maker and Mr. Fantastic get ready to unleash their secret plans. Black Panther and Namor continue to assemble their army.

Revelations– It’s about time we understood what Black Panther’s title, King of the dead meant. So apparently he can take control of the dead and un-dead alike. That could have delicious possibilities especially if it continues into the New MU.

Black Heroes- Black Panther is finally about to make big moves in this series after twiddling his thumbs for most of this series.

Juggling- Marvel has truly lost much with Hickman’s departing. This issue finds the master juggling everything, including the Kitchen sink as he moves all the major players onto the chess board. Maximus, Black Swan, Reed, Maker, All New Thor etc. So much is going on you truly have to marvel at what he’s doing.

Cool momentsBlack Panther taking control of an army of the un-dead, Thors fighting in the great hall and we can’t forget the worldbreakers dive bombing the resistance to protect their God.

Cover– Alex Ross turns in yet another stellar cover that screams buy me on the stands.


The Bad

While Hickman is doing a great job of juggling/tying up all his story lines in this series but a book or two to expand on what’s going on or went on with various characters would have been nice.


The Ugly

This is truly where things start to heat up for this series. Secret wars has managed to keep my attention and considering how much AXIS sucked ass, that’s saying allot. Hickman and Esad Ribic are making magic in this series and we love it! 4/5 stars

stars- 4 very good


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