Inferno (Character)


Publisher: Image Comics

Created by: Erik Larsen

First appearance: Savage Dragon #2, 1993

Nationality: Unknown

Height: 5’9                    Weight: 210 lbs

Eyes: Brown                 Hair: Unknown

Skills and Abilities: Accomplished street fighter

Powers: He had the ability to combust the surface of his skin making him burn others on contact. He could also shoot the fire from his hands. His powered up form also has a measure of resistance to injury having survived a major explosion where he hit a gas main and was only knocked unconscious. He also has superhuman strength in this form.


Inferno was a member of the vicious circle who attacked when Savage Dragon was out extraditing Deathjob to Sacramento, California. He was thwarted by costumed vigilante Star after a long battle in which he hit a gas main and was presumed killed in the explosion [Savage Dragon #2].

Inferno, out of jail is present when Chicago bull attacks a dive bar in which he and other vicious circle members were having drinks after Overlord had been killed [Savage Dragon #24].

He shows up again as one of the villains guarding some captured police officers in an attempt to liberate the superhuman captured vicious circle members. He was defeated by Star [Savage Dragon #26]. He joins Cyberface’s Vicious circle after they defeated Johnny Red beard [Savage Dragon #26].

He is ultimately killed by a monster looking like Savage Dragon [Savage Dragon #152].



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