Skorn (Character)

SKORN AHR Visions (2)

Publisher: AHR VISIONS

 Created by: Abdul H. Rashid

 1st appearance: Skorn #1, 2015

Real Name: Angelica Salazar

 Nationality: African-American

 Team Affiliations: Unknown

  Height: 5 ft 6 in              Weight: 150 lbs

 Eye color:  Brown            Hair color: Brown

 Skills and abilities: Proficient hand-to-hand combatant,gymnast and leader.

 Powers: Unknown


Born to a middle-class working family; Angelica was the known stand out “smart-girl” of her community. She excelled to academic and athletic success, but aspirations are halted as she and her family becomes victims of the criminal element. Using the rage from the event as her driving force, Angelica succeeds in forging her mind and body into a cutting edge weapon against the scourge that changed her.


Caribbean born college lecturer, Multidisciplinary specialist/Androgogue/Philosophical Pedagogue; founder/CEO of World of Black Heroes, freelance writer and all around comic book geek. I enjoy a good book, video games, movies and most of all fatherhood. Written credits include work for, Comicvine, Independent comics etc.

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