Persephone (Character)


Publisher: Image Comics

Created by:  Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie

Real Name: Laura Wilson

First Appearance: The Wicked+The Divine #1,2014

Citizenship: British

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’6                           Eye Color: Green

Weight: 120 lbs                      Hair Color: Brown

Relatives: Mr. Wilson (Father), Mrs. Wilson (Mother)

Powers: She has control of Fire, nigh Invulnerability and Superhuman strength.


Born to a black father and White mother in London, England, Laura was a teenager who always knew she was meant for so much more. When the Pantheon make their debut she is instantly smitten and becomes their “fangirl”.

persephone empoweredWhile at a concert for Amaterasu she is the last observer to collapse from pure bliss and the first to awaken with Lucifer watching over her. Luci takes a liking to her and takes her back stage where she meets Amaterasu and Sakhmet. She witnesses the attempted assassination of the gods and Luci using her powers to kill their attackers. While in court she watches as Luci is carted off to jail when the judge is killed in the same manner as the assassins. She is shocked but knows that Luci did not actually do it [Wicked + Divine #1].

While Luci is in prison she visits her and they make a pact, Luci will give her powers and abilities in exchange for her help. She visits The Morrigan and Baphomet in the subways [Wicked + Divine #2].

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She is arrested and has a fight with her parents when a police officer is hurt in the ensuing battle [Wicked + Divine #3]. After crushing on Baal and finally meeting Ananke, the pantheon refuses to aid Luci much to her chagrin. Luci breaks out when Laura returns [Wicked + Divine #4].

The Pantheon then attacks Luci to stop her rampage before Ananke blows her head off. Filmed covered in Luci’s blood she became a local celebrity because of the images [Wicked + Divine #5].

Laura eventually sleeps with Baal, and is fully awakened as the god Persephone before being killed by Ananake.


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