We are Robin #2 Review

WeareRobin#2 1

In Gotham City, hundreds of Robins have taken to the streets. But who will be their new leader? And who is the mystery man working behind the scenes?

The Good

Cover– Now here is a cover I can stand behind! It shows the group of Robins standing together, gang style. The title smeared in blood at their feet as they face down an even larger mob.

Art-Jorge Corona’s art makes for a very fluid and well choreographed book.  Like last time it opened with action and is just totally fitting!

StoryDuke and Company faceoff with the mob, before they are overwhelmed they make a daring escape. Duke passes out and gets left behind. He awakens to interrogation from an old man before getting a bike and a Robin Jacket along with coordinates to rendezvous with the team as they take on their first mission.

Black HeroDuke Thomas officially joins the Robins! Yay!

Diversity- Robin was usually an all boy’s club…for little boys who all looked eerily similar like they came off a production line. This books adds two female robins, a Black one and two guys who are not from a production line. We also have an Asian chick, a Latino chick and two confirmed white boys. We can now only hope that they are as diverse as they seem…

CharacterizationDuke continues to grow on me though I would like to get to know the rest of the team at this point.

Mystery-Who is their mysterious benefactor?

Mission– I like the story of how each one was recruited and how their different personalities are being brought out. The idea of them saving Gotham from mass bombings is also street level enough to warrant the numbers this team is generating.

The Bad

No complaints from me, I’m sure many a critic will provide you with loads of reasons that this is the worst book on the shelves. Cheers!


The Ugly

Overall this was an enjoyable read. So much so I will be picking up issue #3. We are Robin still has potential in spades despite DC Comics bad track record with ongoing black series. Run out and buy it. Support we are Robin, currently DC Comics most diverse book! We still give this one 3/5 stars

stars- 3 good


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  • July 27, 2015 at 3:48 am

    I find myself enjoying this this series
    I especially like the collective action/ grass roots / motivated to help nature of the crew
    This one could actually go some where


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