Liberty Justice (Character)

Liberty Justice1

Publisher: Image Comics

Created By: Tyler Shainline and Andy Suriano

First Appearance: Elephantmen #54, 2014

Nationality: Unknown

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Unknown

Weight: 157 lbs          Height: 5’8

Eyes: Red                   Hair: Rainbow colors

Relatives: Unnamed Parents (Status Unknown), Unnamed child (Status Unknown)

Skills and Abilities: Highly trained hand to hand combatant, skilled marksman, skilled gymnast.

Powers: She has a measure of enhanced strength

Equipment: Unknown


Some unknown time in the past the woman who would come to be known as Liberty Justice became pregnant and had her child taken from her before it was even born by Spanos. She made it her life’s work to kill him and get back her child. In her zeal she even destroyed his planet [Elephantmen #54]. Posing as a stripper she crashed a bachelor party on a ship filled with Spanos men. After not getting Spanos’ location from them she killed all the men and took the bartender with her [Elephantmen #54].

On planet Zodiac she refuelled her ship and had her way with the bartender before carrying on with her search for Spanos [Elephantmen #55].


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