All New Captain America #3 Review

Allnewcaptainamerica#3 1

 This is it! The new generations meet–Captain America vs Sin, daughter of the Red Skull!

The truth in regards to the blood of equalization is revealed, but Hydra’s proliferation is too wide, there is no stopping them now.

Nomad stands tall against the ruthless might of one of Cap’s oldest foes!


The Good

Cover-This one is the least impressive one so far but it still has a nice American red, blue and red color motif that jumps out as you pass it on the stands. It shows New Captain America knocking the taste out of Sin’s mouth, shield in hand as the bomb looms in the background.

Art-Stuart Immonen continues to rise on my artist radar with delightful visuals all around. Immonen manages to capture the essence of calm moments like Sam reading to his siblings’ right through to the action heavy scenes like Sam vs. Sin. Kudos to Stuart Immonen!

Villain– Sin is the daughter of the Red Skull and a major player during the Fear Itself crossover. Now she like Sam is a legacy character out to prove that they can fill the shoes of their father/partner respectively. Her father’s shared history with Samuel also makes them have some personal bitterness between them. Red Skull may have been a villain but he paid far more attention and was more present in Sam’s life than hers. That must hurt like a mothaf***a! Sin manages to come off as a real tangible, evil threat willing to do just about anything to have her way and like all the villains thus far who have taken on Sam, Batrock and Crossbones I’m looking at you, she underestimates Sam and get’s her ass kicked. We know like those before her she is certainly not dead so I expect to see quite a bit more from her. Allnewcaptainamerica#3 2

CharacterizationSamuel Wilson how you rise on my top fifty black superheroes list? Thanks to Rick Remender Sam Wilson is tugging on heart strings once reserved for Kyle Rayner and the original Tim Drake, not that bastardization currently starring in New 52 Teen Titans, the original. Remender manages to inject Sam with a dose of humanity and relate-ability that I honestly can’t believe the character survived so far without. Remender is doing to Samuel what Bendis did to Luke Cage in New Avengers, making him relevant!

Threat– The idea that Hydra has infiltrated the Inhumans, X-men, Avengers etc, fills me with foreboding in much the same way that Captain America Winter Soldier the movie had my spine all tingly while I sat in theatres in 2014. There are so many possibilities and so much potential here. Can Remender deliver though? I trust him to at least deliver one hell of a thrill ride along the way!

SummarySamuel and Misty find Nomad’s dead body and split up at the infinite elevator. Sam is captured by Sin, daughter of the Red Skull. She tortures him with images of the Red Skull and his family. To save his family he apparently commits Hara-Kiri. As Sin prepares to detonate a bomb to neuter most of Earth’s populate Sam returns, stops the bomb and send her to her doom before flying off to save the world.


The Bad

Confused– I know Rick Remender said he wanted to wipe the Snap Wilson era or retcon from established Sam Wilson history and streamline Sam’s history. So far he has reworked the shooting of Sam father from Sam following his dad unknowingly and witnessing the shooting to Sam strolling with his dad and witnessing it. He’s also made Sam the oldest of the Wilson children….though I can’t recall if this was originally so. Now Sam all but says the Snap era was a fabrication created by Red Skull but Sin says it’s what really happened. So…um….which is it now? Was he or wasn’t he?

Death– So Nomad is killed in a senseless way last issue and it gets treated worst than Kyle Rayner’s Girlfriend Alex being killed, stuffed n a freezer and coining the cliché of “women in refrigerators”? Where are the partner/sidekick advocates when you need them?


The Ugly

Stuart Immonen and Rick Remender have created one of the best comic series out right now. The All new Captain America is pure gold! Great art! Solid Characterization, sweet action! All New Captain America is the book to read in 2015! I give this issue 4/5 stars

stars- 4 very good


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