Who are the Top 50 Black Superheroes? Vote now!?

Well you’ve all seen the Top 30 Black Superheroes- Traffic Edition, the Top 30 Black Superheroes-Fan Edition, the Top Black Power Rangers and the Top 20 Black Superheroes-Milestone Comics editions. Allot of you were pleased, others? Not so much! Now since you think the criteria we used for those were ‘rigged/lame’ I’m gonna allow you to vote for a little over a year (January 14-February 15 2014) on who you think are really worthy of being on the new list :)

If you hated the last or just want to see your favorite get the spotlight they deserve, all you have to do is Vote, Vote, Vote! Oh and get your grandma to vote too. If you don’t recognize a name take a gander at our Character Glossary (Literally containing hundreds of Black Superheroes) which has everyone on the poll in live and living colors with a bounty of information as well. We are also open to nominations so either nominate someone below or on our facebook page and I’ll add them ASAP

What are you waiting for? VOTE!

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12 thoughts on “Who are the Top 50 Black Superheroes? Vote now!?

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  2. Falcon position on this ballot should be near the top. He is, after all, the very first African-American superhero in comics.

  3. I voted for the characters that are my personal favorites but before doing that I was not sure if I that was what the survey was intended to measure. Voting for the top 50 black characters could also be interpreted to mean who we as fans think the general population thinks are the top 50 or which 50 characters get the most juice from the creators in the industry.

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