Emmanuel Dacosta


Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod

1st appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel #4, 1982

Alias: White Rook

Nationality:  Brazilian

Team Affiliations: Hellfire Club

Legal Status: Brazilian citizen with no criminal record

Height: 5’9                     Weight: 190 lbs

Eyes: Brown                    Hair: Black

Relatives: Roberto/Sunspot (Son), Nina da Costa (Mother)

Skills and abilities: Brilliant businessman.


Emanuel grew up a barefoot houseboy and swore that he would someday own the palace in which his mother was a maid. This was in In Rio De Janiero’s most fashionable seafront Ipanema.  By age 20 Emmanuel was a millionaire. By 30 an economic and political force to be reckoned with and married to the beautiful red headed American archaeologist Nina with whom he had a son, Roberto. Before his mother died she lived to become mistress in the palace in which she toiled years before as a simple servant.

As the years passed, his power grew and his relationship began to sour. He spent a lifetime building an empire only to find himself wondering occasionally, if it was worth the effort [New Mutants v1. #7]. On the day his son’s mutant abilities manifested he cheered from the stands. He witnessed his son being victim to a racist mobbing on the field but could not reach him as he was swept away in the stampeding crowd [Marvel Graphic Novel #4: New Mutants].

Death of Emmanuel Da Costa from New Mutants #98
Death of Emmanuel Da Costa from New Mutants #98

After Roberto joined Charles’ Xavier’s New Mutants he would meet with his sons friends after one member was apparently killed [New Mutants v1 #7]. After being invited in the hellfire club by Sebastian Shaw himself he tried to thwart his wife’s expedition into the Amazon [New mutants #8]. When his son realized they were almost killed because of his father he confronted him and turned his back on his fortune. This act caused Emmanuel to accept Shaw’s invitation to the club [New Mutants v1. #12].

He was later inducted into the club alongside Selene [New Mutants v1. #23].


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