Mister Gideon (Character)

Gideon Wilson
Gideon Wilson

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: J.M Demathis and Mike Zeck

1st appearance: Captain America Vol.1 #277 (Sept. 1969)

Real Name: Gideon Wilson

Alias: Experiment #1246

Team Affiliations: Gamma Corp

Legal Status: U.S citizen with no criminal record

Height: 6’2              Weight: 240 lbs

Eyes: Brown                   Hair: Black

Relatives: Paul Wilson (Father, deceased), Darlene Wilson (Mother, deceased), Sarah Wilson Casper (Sister), Sam Wilson/Falcon (Brother), Jody Casper (Nephew), Jim Wilson (Son, deceased),

Skills and Abilities:  Military training in armed and unarmed combatant.

Powers: Infused with Doc Samon’s genes he has now has superhuman strength able to life about 70 tons, superhuman durability and endurance. Unlike Doc Samson however the longer his hair grows the less powerful he becomes. as a result he has to keep his head shaved to maximize his strength potential.

Equipment: He wears spiked metal gauntlets to further enhance his powers.

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Gideon Wilson was born to Baptist minister Paul Wilson and his wife Darlene. Gideon was the oldest of three children; younger siblings included sister Sarah Wilson and brother Samuel Wilson. Happiness would not last for their family however as their father died breaking up a gang fight which traumatized him and his siblings [Captain America Vol.1 #277]. Two years later on a night just like any other his mother was killed by a mugger [Captain America Vol.1 #277].

This proved the undoing of the happy Wilson family as Sam descended into rebellion and anger. Sam would leave home travelling across america before becoming the criminal “Snap Wilson” [Captain America Vol.1 #277]. Gideon however remained faithful to his fathers teachings [Gamma Corps #2].


He became a reverend and lived a life his father would have been proud of. After getting married he had his one and only child, Jim. Like his own little brother Samuel however Jim was rebellious and wanted to travel across america instead of staying in school. Gideon even was forced to make special arrangements to get his son into an esteemed private catholic school. Gideon got into an altercation with his son when the boy decided he was quitting school to travel to mexico. With no other choice Jim left and he prayed his son would be safe.That same night he realized that hulk was rampaging through Mexico.

When his son died from HIV related complications he was unable to process his emotions and thus he blamed the hulk. He left his faith after this and at the funeral he was approached by a priest who told him about the Gamma Corps program. He was subjected to the genes of Doc Samson and as a result found himself with superhuman strength [Gamma Corps #2 and #4].

Gamma Corps

As a member of Gamma Corps he battled World War Hulk. The team manged to capture and defeat him initially but hen he regained consciousness he defeated the team and broke both of Wilson’s hands at the wrist. The team then set their sights on the Illuminati [Gamma Corps #1-4].

After recovering he and his team were approached by Norman Osborn/Iron Patriot who recruited them into H.A.M.M.E.R to hunt down unregistered heroes.


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