Real Name: Max Dillon

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinkner and James Vanderbilt

1st appearance: The Amazing Spider-man 2 (Movie), 2014

Portrayed by: Jamie Foxx

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’7                                                                            Weight: 150 lbs

Eyes: Originally brown, now light blue                       Hair: Originally Black, now none

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and Abilities: Proficient electrical engineer. 

Powers:  Max is composed entirely of electrical energy, this allows him to fly, generate intense electrical energy which he can fire from any part of his body, absorb electrical energy and exist without the need to eat or breath. 



According to Max he has lived an uneventful, boring life as a perpetual ‘geek’. No one acknowledged him, he had no friends and lived only for work. As an electrical engineer he go a job at Oscorp Industries though he continued to be a nobody. A chance encounter with Spider-man on the streets of Manhattan gave him hope as the hero called him “his eyes and ears”. Max became obsessed with the hero thinking they were friends and pasting pictures of the hero all over his walls.

This new found ‘purpose’ doesn’t stop Max’s ideas for a new power source to be stolen by his colleges at Oscorp and having to work on his birthday which no one remembers. That night he has an accident in the lab and drops into a tank full of experimental electrical eels. The ordeal leave him forever changed. 

Enter Electro

Max awakens in a morgue and grabs a hoodie before heading to time square. Once their he feels the need to charge himself which results in people being scared and the police being called in. Spider-man arrives to diffuse tensions but cant remember his name, the frightened police shoot at Max so eh lashes out with his powers. He is stopped by Spider-man and the fire department.

Feeling betrayed by his hero after being locked in a power containment unit at the Ravencroft Institute. He is freed by the Green Goblin/Harry Osborn and the two make plans to kill Spider-Man. He is defeated after causing a city wide blackout when Spider-man and Gwen Stacy overload his power supply causing him to dissipate. 


I'm a Caribbean born Lecturer, Multidisciplinary specialist/Androgogue/Philosophical Pedagogue; with backgrounds in Philosophy, Social Studies and Geography; founder/CEO of World of Black Heroes, freelance writer and all around comic book geek. I enjoy a good book, video games, movies and most of all fatherhood. Written credits include work for Islandstage.net where my writing inspired the music compiliation "Kindah" available in multiple languages on Itunes, The Caribbean Journal of Education, The University of the west indies, Comicvine, Independent comics etc.

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