Spider-Woman (Character)


Created by: Jean Thomas, Winslow Mortimer, Mike Esposito and Tony Mortellaro based on the Electric Company script by Sara Compton

Real Name: Valerie

1st appearance: Spidey Super Stories #6, March 1974

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’6              Weight: 120 lbs

Eyes: Brown                Hair: Black

Relatives:  Unknown

Powers: None

Costume: Valerie found a Spider-man costume and customized it to mimic the real Spider-man’s power. She used suction cups on the fingers and Feet of the costume to mimic his wall crawling abilities.


Valerie works at a library where she met Spider-man. In the library she had to deal with the Bookworm [Spidey Super Stories #6, March 1975] then the Vanisher [Spidey Super Stories #7, April 1975]. While working at a library she was attacked by ‘the April fool” who she managed to thwart with her quick thinking right as Spider-Man arrived [Spidey Super Stories #10, July 1975].

She Witnesses Spider-man save a jewelry store from the Vulture. Then she has the Spider-man costume fall in her lap while thinking about how cool Spider-man was. After getting the suit she customizes it to compensate the fact she naturally has no spider powers. Spider-man met her in costume as she crawled up a wall and allowed her to continue operating as the other “Spider-person”. She later helps Spider-man battle and defeat The Vulture and turn him over to the police [Spidey Super Stories #11, August 1975].

After easy reader reads a magic book they are stuck walking on ceilings and run through more spells before spidey manages to show up and save the day [Spidey Super Stories #27, October 1977].

N.B: This Spider woman made her debut in costume in Spidey Super Stories #11, August 1975 this makes her the FIRST Spider-woman to appear in a marvel comic beating Jessica drew by two years who made her debut in Marvel Spotlight #32, February 1977. The only other Black Spider-Woman was Ashley Barton.


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