Valkyra (Character)


Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: John Byrne

1st appearance: Jack Kirby’s Fourth World #7, 1997

Nationality: New God

Team Affiliations: New Gods of New Genesis

Legal Status: Unknown

Weight: 125 lbs    Height: 5’9

Eyes: Brown            Hair: Black

Relatives: Vykin the Black (Son)

Skills and abilities: Highly proficient in armed and unarmed combat as well as war fare with centuries worth of experience.

Powers: As a member of the immortal race known as the New Gods, Valkyra is also immortal, having physically stopped aging in the youthful prime of her life. As a new god she is also faster, stronger and more durable than a human being in peak physical condition.


A member of the new gods race who reside on New Genesis and are adversaries of the gods of Apokalips. Valkyra is one of the most skilled warriors of her planet having trained Orion who can go toe to toe with both Superman and Wonder woman. With an unknown god she gave birth to Vykin who was called before the highfather at a young age along with five other children and given personalized Mother Boxes with which they were encouraged to bond. As a warrior she trained her son in the ways of a warrior but he instead developed an affinity for machines and technology. This caused the two to drift apart which worsened when he left New Genesis with the forever people.

When Orion was amnesic after his battle/death/resurrection with Desaad she was instrumental in helping him regain his memories by retraining him. They soon started a relationship as they had always been attracted to each other but never acted upon it [Jack Kirby’s Fourth World #11].

Later while Orion was dyeing at the hands of his brother Kalibak on Apokalips she was given foresight by the god Metron and rushed to Orion’s aid. The Black Racer had arrived to claim Orion soul but she threw herself in front of her love and died in his steed upon being touched by the death god [Jack Kirby’s Fourth World #17].


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