Anahita (Character)

Anahita 1

Publisher: Image Comics

Created by: Neil Gaiman

1st appearance: Angela #1,1994

Nationality: Inaplicable

Relatives: Unknown

Powers: As an Angel of heaven she has superhuman abilities and inhuman fighting skills and knowledge.


Anahita is an angel in the Spawn series. She was friends with Angela and was the one to question whether Angela was truly guilty of the crime for which she was accused. Rallying fellow angel Kuan Yin to her cause they went to earth to retrieve Al Simmons in hopes that he could prove her friend innocent [Angela #1, 1994]. Upon witnessing Spawn escape with Angela they began to believe Angela was guilty [Angela #2, 1994]. Angela later returned to her friends and they journeyed to the Earths moon where Angela told them she was leaving heaven. Angela offered her friends the chance to join her but they apparently declined [Angela #3, 1994].


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